Weekly Link Love — Episode 44

Research of the Week

Statins increase Lp(a).

In mice, a high-stout maternal diet protects against Alzheimer’s in the offspring.

Neanderthals ranged into western Iran.

Among Chinese seniors living in an elderly community, higher LDL predicts lower rates of dementia.

Heated canola oil worsens gut inflammation.

Dairy still has no relation to mortality.

New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

Episode 368: Bela Gandhi: Host Elle Russ chats with dating expert Bela Gandhi.

Episode 369: Q&A with Brad: Host Brad Kearns answers questions about gaining weight on keto, a military success tale, and more.

Primal Health Coach Radio, Episode 24: Andrew Sillitoe comes on the podcast to discuss practicing what you preach, structuring effective client offers, and the importance of taking action.

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Media, Schmedia

Because it has a few grams of saturated stout, olive oil misses out on a “healthy” rating in Australia.

Extreme athletes tend to have terrible teeth.

Fascinating Blog Posts

Peter wonders if “loss of the gene for lipoprotein lipase, or similar loss, might not have been a huge deal when humans lived by eating elephants. Or even until corn oil took off as a cholesterol lowering scam.”

Social Notes

I agree with some of these “healthiest pantry staples” on Amazon.

Fascinating thread on atherosclerosis.

Everything Else

Turkish beekeeper makes lemonade.

Dutch consumers form a “people’s farm.” Excellent thought.

Viking winter sports.

Worrying figure.

Things I’m Up to and Interested In

Study result that people need to hear: Protein intake has no effect on kidney function in healthy adults.

Concept I found fascinating: Human emotions as personal narratives. And how aging affects the narratives we make for ourselves.

I can see it now: Statins for crows.

ATM I’d use: Salmon ATM.

This was a cool podcast: The ultimate lipid podcast with Dave Feldman and Siobhan Huggins.

Question I’m Asking

Have you noticed a shift in the way people in everyday life approach health, fitness, diet, and lifestyle?

Recipe Corner

  • This doesn’t get a link because it’s incredibly simple: frozen watermelon slices. If you want to get crazy, dip them in a mix of salt, cayenne, and lime juice.
  • Carnivore pizza.

Time Capsule

One year ago (Aug 25– Aug 31)

  • What Can Heat Do For Your Health? – Well, what can it?
  • Are Your Children Sleep-Deprived?– Quite possibly.

Comment of the Week

“Excellent work Mark – Why is TMAO linked to kidney and heart disease?
The TMAO that is soi linked is being made from trimethyl-lysine, TML.
TML is formed in the body when cells are trying to make carnitine,
If this doesn’t happen, the TML can be converted to TMAO.
TML seems to be a better predictor of heart disease as TMAO.
It looks to me that TMAO can be a sign of diseases that lead to carnitine insufficiency, rather than the other way round

– Fantastic work, George. You always find fascinating connections.

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