Weekly Link Love — Edition 35

June 28 2019

By Mark Sisson


Research of the Week

In a study paid for by Impossible Foods, a novel yeast product used in the meat-less Impossible Burger was found to trigger weight gain and raise blood markers related to kidney disease in rats.

Researchers learn DMT-making neurons.

Smoking cigarettes is associated with negative changes in personality.

Antidepressant usage linked to an increase in suicide.

Giving elite runners’ gut microbes to mice made the mice more athletic.

Type 2 diabetics who lower their cholesterol may suffer more diabetic polyneuropathy.

New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

Episode 350: Endurance: Dr. Craig Marker: Host Brad Kearns talks with Dr. Craig Marker about the right way to do high intensity interval training.

Episode 351: Palmer Kippola: Host Elle Russ chats with Palmer Kippola about treating and overcoming autoimmunity.

Episode 352: Keto Q&A: Host Brad Kearns answers listener questions.

Each week, select Mark’s Daily Apple blog posts are prepared as Primal Blueprint Podcasts. Need to catch up on reading, but don’t have the time? Prefer to listen to articles while on the go? Check out the new blog post podcasts below, and subscribe to the Primal Blueprint Podcast here so you never miss an episode.

Media, Schmedia

Terrible dog food brands.

Certain anticholinergic drugs linked to dementia.

Fascinating Blog Posts

Do LDL particles cross the endothelium?

A look inside the sports fan’s brain.

Social Notes

How I coffee.

Everything Else

First steps for a baby gorilla. Brings me back.

Which creatures do we find scariest and most disgusting?

Everest as mountain of human fecal matter. Sad to see.

Things I’m Up to and Interested In

Podcast I loved: Dr. Jason Fung talks fasting on Dr. Peter Attia’s podcast.

Article I found fascinating: LDL and the Immune System.

I found another reason to avoid hospitals unless necessary: Hospital flies that carry antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Another excellent podcast: George Henderson on Human Performance Outliers.

Fantastic point: Why are we subsidizing our own disease burden?

Question I’m Asking

If there’s a problem with GMO, is it something inherent to the “GMO-ness” or is it whatever trait they’re inserting?

Recipe Corner

  • Crispy garlic-stuffed chicken.
  • Cantonese roast duck. Get ready to fight over the skin.

Time Capsule

One year ago (Jun 23 – Jun 29)

  • Find Your Tribe, Find Your Health – Why we need tribe.
  • Staff Pick Tuesdays: Relaxation Routine – How my staff likes to relax.

Comment of the Week

“New, Limited Release from Primal Kitchen: Collagen with Ground Placenta

New Recipe: Collagen Cord Blood Smoothie
Chock full of essential amino acids and stem cells, this tasty smoothie can …”

– Way ahead of you, Paleo Bon Rurgundy.


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