What are ACTUAL CLIENTS saying about it?

Listen in as 8 clients talk about their experiences with Precision Nutrition Coaching.

Watch as we surprise our annual Grand Prize winners.

Every year we give out $250,000 in prizes to coaching clients who have the largest transformations. Check out some of our winners, the results they achieved, and what happened when we showed up on their doorsteps.

Meet some of the people whose bodies, and lives, have been changed by Precision Nutrition Coaching. Hear their tales and learn more about the $250,000 in prizes we give out each year.

What are actual clients saying about Precision Nutrition?

Precision Nutrition Coaching helps people achieve the health, fitness, and physical transformations they’re after. Even when nothing worked for them before. For more in-depth conversations, check out the videos below.

“I could turn things around quick when I was in my 30s, but once I got into my 40s, nothing worked. So when I saw my friends Lindsey and Alicia do really well with PN, it was like ‘What am I missing?’ The coach’s support is everything. Once I let go and did the inner work, things really started happening. You dive in and rediscover yourself, and give yourself the self-like you deserve.”
– Michelle, Precision Nutrition Coaching grand prize winner

“PN was my last-ditch attempt to see if I could get back to a physical condition that I was really pleased with. But I had rationalized myself into believing that because I was 50, I couldn’t do certain things. What I learned was that all of those limitations were limitations I set for myself. And none of them were right.”
– Mark, Precision Nutrition Coaching grand prize winner

“I had gone through some pretty challenging medical stuff. I had let that go on for a lot of years, to the point where everything was pretty hard for me…. But with PN I had — and have — such an incredible team. They just kept showing up. And now, I know I can go. I was never able to run in my life, and now I’m training for a 10k. I am able to not only be strong, but I’m able to keep getting stronger.”
– Chrystelene, Precision Nutrition Coaching grand prize winner

“I realized that I was out of shape. Not just physically but mentally out of shape as well. That was a huge turning point for me because I realized that I needed to make an immediate change. I chose Precision Nutrition to motivate me and to give me guidance.”
– Javier, Precision Nutrition Coaching grand prize winner

“I feel a lot stronger. I feel more capable. Before PN, I was just a walker because I always thought I couldn’t coordinate and do actual exercises. Now I feel like I can approach pretty much anything and add variety to my life. I’m thinking of all the things that I want to do and I’m able to do now.”
– Alicia, Precision Nutrition Coaching grand prize winner

“I needed to be accountable to somebody, to help me keep my eye on the ball. My PN coach checked in with me every week so I stayed focused. But what kept me most inspired and motivated to eat healthy meals and do the workouts… it was the results.”
– Spencer, Precision Nutrition Coaching grand prize winner

“In the past, if I hit a stumbling block, I would just regress. But at PN, they give you all the resources you need; they teach you about nutrition and how to take care of yourself; they’re there when you hit a roadblock. It’s not a diet, it is a re-education. It’s life changing.”
– Lisa, Precision Nutrition Coaching grand prize winner

“My hip used to be so sore that it woke me up at night, and my shoulders were so tight that I struggled to reach up. It was a mess. Now, I’m nearly 50 and I’m in fantastic shape and I plot on staying this way. I have no worry that I’ll place weight back on, because PN is more of a lifestyle change. It just becomes something you do.”
– Pete, Precision Nutrition Coaching grand prize winner

“When I started PN, I knew it would be the last program I would ever have to do. All of the women in my group were expecting to learn, get healthier, and lose some weight — and every single one has met all of those goals or exceeded them. For me, it’s not just the body transformation. It’s this year of fun and excitement and change and triumph. Now I feel I’m at my best.”
– Jodie, Precision Nutrition Coaching grand prize winner

“The toughest part was accepting that I wanted to change. Everything after that gets simpler, because every time you build a new habit, you’re one step closer to that person you feel you can become. And you will, because it’s just making that next change, that next habit, that next step. You’re already there, so just do it.”
– Matt, Precision Nutrition Coaching grand prize winner

“I would do Weight Watchers, buy a book… but my weight kept going up and up and up. What’s so different about PN is that it’s not just, ‘I’ve lost weight, I feel fantastic’ — but something much more profound. It’s about the science, the team, the mental wellbeing, as well as the habits and nutrition and weights and exercise. I feel 30 years younger. It’s been one hell of a journey.”
– Sue, Precision Nutrition Coaching grand prize winner

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