Primal Grilling Guide (+ 7 Recipes)

We’d argue that grilling is one of the best parts of summer. Over the years, Mark has served up tips for making the most of your grill cooking, including these Primal grilling tips and techniques as well as a guide for how to cook a whole fish on the grill. For those cooking away from home, we’ve even got thoughts for some car camping favorites. Today we’re rounding up more than just grilling resources but seven recipes you can delight in this month. From beef to seafood to vegetables, we hope these thoughts inspire some fantastic dinners.

The tale behind these sticky, fall-off-the-bone ribs? Two delectable sauces to flavor pork spare ribs. We start with a sweet, salty, umami (from fermented fish sauce) marinade with the nuanced spice from chili sauce and the warm bite of fresh ginger, and let that seep into the ribs for a few hours. Then, we baste the slabs with Primal Kitchen No Soy Teriyaki before and during grilling to ensure a caramelized crust on the exterior of the meat.

Summer cooking means skewers, and this recipe offers a unique kick beyond the typical beef or chicken kabob.

For some lighter fare, we like these Primal- and keto-friendly kabobs with summer veggies. Primal Kitchen® Lemon Turmeric Dressing and Marinade makes this dish incredibly simple and flavorful—without much time and effort on your part. Just a few minutes at the kitchen, another few at the grill, and this tasty, low-carb dinner is served. It’s fantastic for a quick family meal or an impromptu get-together.

Grilled Romaine is an unexpected summer classic. Paired with shaved Parmesan and gluten-free croutons (really optional), it’s a perfect (and quick) way to place a show-stopping salad on the table.

It doesn’t get much better than a juicy New York strip hot off the grill. Throw in a generous side of broccolini and some steak sauce (I happen to know a excellent one), and that’s dinner for me. Grilling a steak isn’t hard work, but a few things can make a huge difference for the end result.

It’s an all-American, grass-fed burger (and fries for those who want to splurge) with a triple classic condiment special sauce. You can’t go incorrect with this summer favorite.

For those who prefer a more creative spin on the traditional burger experience, this turkey burger offers a tropical taste. Creamy avocado and optional pineapple make for a sweeter summer meal.

Delight in your summer weekend, everyone! Have a grilling recipe you’d like to see Primalized (or keto-fied)? Let us know on the comment board.


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