Weekly Health Quiz: Bacteria, Agriculture and Cupping

1 Research suggests the following herbicide and desiccant, when combined with lectin-rich foods such as peas, beans or potatoes, can trigger the neurological hurt seen in patients with Parkinson’s disease:

  • Glyphosate
  • Diquat
  • Dicamba
  • Paraquat

    Research shows the desiccant paraquat can trigger Parkinson’s disease when combined with plant lectins found in peas, beans, potatoes and many other foods, as the lectins can transport the toxin into the brain. Learn more.

2 Which of the following media platforms have taken measures to censor information relating to vaccine safety?

  • Instagram and Pinterest
  • Facebook and Twitter
  • Google, Youtube and Amazon
  • All of the above

    Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Youtube and Amazon have all taken measures to censor information relating to vaccine safety. Learn more.

3 Which of the following bacteria are responsible for 80 to 90% of all urinary tract infections?

  • E.coli

    About 80% to 90% of UTIs are caused by E.coli, which is normally found in your intestinal tract. Problems only arise when this ordinary bacterium is present in high numbers in your urinary system. Learn more.

  • Klebsiella pneumoniae
  • Enterococcus faecalis
  • Staphylococcus aureus

4 The blue light from LED light bulbs hurts your eyes primarily by:

  • Increasing melatonin production in your retinal cells
  • Preventing repair and regeneration of retinal cells

    The blue light from LEDs prevents the priming of retinal cells for repair and regeneration as it does not have any healing near-infrared frequencies, thereby raising your risk of vision problems, including age-related macular degeneration, a leading cause of blindness among people over 50. Learn more.

  • Boosting cellular energy production
  • Altering mitochondrial function

5 According to research, one of the primary benefits of cupping — an ancient treatment with Chinese, Egyptian and Middle Eastern roots — is which of the following?

  • Prevention of cancer
  • Promote healing of broken bones
  • Pain relief

    Research suggests one of the primary medical benefits of cupping is the treatment of pain and pain-related disorders. Learn more.

  • Treatment of anxiety and depression

6 In the documentary film “Farmer’s Footprint,” which practice did the Breitkreutz family implement first in their transition to regenerative agriculture?

  • Integrating livestock
  • No-till
  • Removing tractors from the land
  • Cover cropping

    “Farmer’s Footprint” shows the tale of the Breitkreutz family and how they kicked chemicals to the curb and transitioned from conventional farming to regenerative agriculture in Redwood Falls, Minnesota. One of the first steps they took to transition to regenerative agriculture was to convert a monoculture cover crop into a highly complex and diverse cover crop. It was a game-changer. Nearly overnight, the family went from having cover crop failures to cover crop success. Learn more.

7 To prevent cardiovascular disease and death from cardiovascular disease, your best bet is to:

  • Address lifestyle factors such as your diet, exercise, stress and mental health

    The most effective way to prevent cardiovascular disease and death from cardiovascular disease is to address your lifestyle — factors such as your diet, exercise, stress and mental health. Learn more.

  • Take a statin drug
  • Avoid statins and take a PSCK9 class drug, the latest lipid-lowering medication class, instead
  • Do nothing, as cardiovascular disease is primarily driven by genetics


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