Here's How 15 Real Women Lost 50+ Pounds

34, 5'1¾”, Reno, Nev.

BEFORE: 198 lb., size 16

AFTER: 115 lb., size 2

TOTAL LOST: 83 lb., 7 sizes

Shannon's weight loss tips:

Rock your motivation: At the gym, I wear bright clothes with fun sayings like “Drink coffee, place on some gangster rap and handle it.” It sets my workout tone.

Try an apple: If I'm not hungry enough for an apple, then I'm not really hungry. Anytime a strong craving hits, I'll eat an apple first to help curb my appetite.

Judge your marks: I always peruse food marks. Whenever there's something listed that I can't grow or make myself, I place the item back. It makes weeding out unhealthy processed foods much simpler.

Indulge wisely: A lot of people have weekend cheat days, but that adds up to 104 a year! Instead of depriving myself all week and bingeing on the weekend, I choose sweets that fuel my body, like Trader Joe's Coconut Cashews.

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