Yoga for Beginners: Step-by-Step Sun Salutation Video

One thing I always feel that I’m missing when I take a yoga class is some real personal attention. I can usually follow along well enough—and occasionally the instructor will give me a small twist or a gentle push into the right position—but I’ve never really made a real effort to make sure I’m doing the moves correctly.

A few weeks ago, I got the chance. At Health magazine’s second annual Here Comes the Sun festival—the largest yoga event ever held in Central Park, and featuring some of the best teachers in the country—I tracked down YogaWorks instructor Chrissy Carter for some one-on-one pointers.

Turns out, I had been doing several things incorrect in my Sun Salutation poses: My back was often curved when it should have been straight, and I was using my hands for support on moves that should technically be hands-free. And now that I’ve taken a few classes since my tutorial, I can really feel the difference. Check out the quick video below; if you’re unsure about your own yoga techniques, it might help you too.

I really loved Carter’s Vinyasa Flow class, which incorporated Sun Salutations and other traditional yoga poses. If you missed the event—or want to relive the experience at home—you can follow along with this video of the entire half-hour class.

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