One Woman’s Before-and-After Shows How the Keto Diet Helped Her Lose 70 Pounds

Her #transformationtuesday is incredible.

Social media is filled with inspiring weight loss testimonials. But these days, the most dramatic images seem to be posted by people who found success on the keto diet—the low-carb, high-stout plot that continues to trend huge.

One of those successful keto dieters is Keila Hampton. On Tuesday, Hampton, who runs Keila Keto on YouTube, shared a post crediting the keto diet in a #transformationtuesday photo. In her before-and-after, Hampton is wearing the same outfit she wore in an August 2016 photo. Her April 2018 version shows just how much her body has changed.

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“So I thought I was a baddie in the picture on the left (because I was) but now that I’m looking more like my momma … I don’t know what to do with myself,” she joked. “1 1/2 years later and I’m still a baddie in need of a new wardrobe.”

Last week, she ran a similar post of herself in a black and white striped dress. “I always get so self conscious showing side by side comparisons because I honestly don’t even know who the girl on the left is,” she wrote in a more candid caption about her weight loss.

From gym selfies to meal prep hacks, Hampton is clearly putting in the effort, and it’s paid off. As of late March, she’s lost over 70 pounds.

Along with swapping pizza dough for a more low-carb option, she credits weight lifting for her body transformation. She shares her best keto meal thoughts, workout playlists, weight loss updates, and more in weekly videos on YouTube.

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