Demi Lovato Slams 'Diet Culture' and Tells Fans They're 'Beautiful No Matter What Anyone Says'

“It’s so frustrating and sad how strong the #dietculture in our society is,” Lovato wrote.

Demi Lovato wants her fans to know that they’re “gorgeous,” regardless of what society tells them.

The singer, 25, tweeted a body-positive message to her fans while slamming modern culture’s obsession with dieting.

“It’s so frustrating and sad how strong the #dietculture in our society is,” Lovato wrote. “It’s constantly telling us we’re not thin enough no matter what.”

In reality, she added, “You are gorgeous no matter what anyone says.”

Lovato also retweeted a post from Eating Disorder Hope about the correlation between orthorexia and perfectionism.

Lovato, who has a history of eating disorders, said in January that she has “given up dieting” and the “chronic stress” of worrying about every single thing she eats.

“I stopped dieting and have gained a small weight so it’s been a struggle, but at the same time, I’m more pleased because I’m not restricting myself from certain foods and I’m no longer food shaming myself,” Lovato told PEOPLE.

And she emphasized that being healthy is more vital than trying to lose weight.

“As someone recovering from a food disorder, it’s something that I want to place out there that you don’t have to diet in order to be pleased,” Lovato said. “I don’t reckon I’ve heard that message out there in the public and of course, it’s vital to be healthy and everything in moderation is fine.”

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