The Best and Worst TV Diets, From Kim Kardashian's Salad to Olivia Pope's Popcorn

As seen on TV: After insane days at the office, Olivia Pope likes to relax with a huge bowl of popcorn and a larger glass of red wine.

Reality check: Really, this is not the worst way to indulge, says Eliza Whetzel Savage, RD, of Middleberg Nutrition, a New York City wellness practice. Popcorn is a fantastic whole­ grain munchie that’s full of fiber, and red wine has the antioxidant resveratrol, which may deliver disease­ fighting benefits. “While snacking isn’t the best form of stress relief—I’d suggest a bath or yoga—reaching for popcorn instead of cookies or cake is a win,” she says. Olivia’s pick is particularly smart if you’re watching your weight: Popcorn is a “volume food,” clarifies Whetzel Savage, meaning you can eat lots of it for few calories (three cups can be under 100 calories). As for the wine, rethink Olivia’s oversize goblet. Whetzel Savage prefers a petite pour of four to five ounces.

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