7 Chefs and Bloggers Share the Food Swap That Changed Their Bodies

The swap: Greens instead of grains

When Tam’s husband first suggested the couple go Paleo, she didn’t have high hopes for the diet but knew she needed to make some changes: “I just felt terrible and hungry all the time, so I chose to try it.” The creator of Nom Nom Paleo replaced pasta and rice with spiralized veggies and greens. “Even though everyone thinks Paleo is all about meat, I finished up eating way more vegetables,” she says. Before long, she was hooked and seeing results as her body place on muscle. “I could finally do a chin-up!” she says.

What’s more, her digestive issues and canker sores went away, and she stopped feeling bloated all the time. “I lived with chronic issues my whole life that I just thought were normal,” she says. “I didn’t know there was a better way.”

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