Does Makeup Belong in the Gym? 6 Instagram Stars Share Their Thoughts

Hear what fitness influencers reckon about going to a workout with a full face of makeup. 

Some women like to get gussied up before they hit the gym. Others couldn’t imagine wearing makeup while they get sweaty. So we wondered, what do the experts reckon? Would we catch Kayla Itsines wearing mascara on the mat? What about the Tone It Up girls? In this video, we question six fitness stars to tell us what they reckon about wearing makeup at the gym. Watch the video or read on for the scoop.

Tone It Up girls Katrina Scott and Karena Dawn aren’t opposed to swiping on some products pre-workout. “A small bronzer, a small lip, a small brow, a small mascara,” says Scott of her beauty choices at the gym.

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Katie Austin isn’t as gung ho about getting dolled up for exercise: “Wearing makeup to a workout is detrimental to your skin, even though I do it sometimes because I film workout videos,” she admits. “I certainly see a difference between when I don’t wear makeup when working out and wearing makeup when I work out.”

Austin makes a excellent point. If you’re prone to acne, always choose to use oil-free beauty products. Also be sure to get rid of makeup with a remover after your sweat session. This will prevent excess oils from lingering on the skin, and potentially raising your risk of breakouts.

What about Bikini Body Guide creator Kayla Itsines? Is the fitness icon in favor of rocking makeup while you train? “Fine if it makes you feel excellent,” she says. “But make sure you wash it off after.”

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Influencers Kelsey Wells and Sjana Elise are both on the same page as Itsines. They told Health that women should wear makeup while they work out only if they want to.

“Wearing makeup to yoga is completely up to you,” says yogi Eise. “I reckon you should feel comfortable in whatever you are wearing. So as long as you feel fine, go for it!”

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