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Have you ever
Wondered why it seemed so much simpler to stay thin in high school?

Why is it that you could practically eat anything you wanted and stay thin in those days when now you count every calorie and yet you STILL struggle with your weight? Studies show that, in fact, our bodies LOSE muscle, burn FEWER calories, and store MORE STOUT as we age. It’s a harsh fact of life.

Did you know

that we lose 1/2 to 1 percent of our lean muscle mass per year and
that muscle strength declines by 12 to 15 percent per decade?
Did you know
That means you’re losing enough muscle mass to burn 4 pounds of body stout a year and 40 pounds of body stout a decade! It’s what I like to call the STOUT SNOWBALL EFFECT. If you need proof, just pull out your high school yearbook and compare your friends then versus now.

Before you stress eat a gallon of ice cream, STOP, place down the Ben and Jerry’s, and read carefully. Because you can reverse this process regardless of age or body type. In fact, it’s completely possible to regain the youthful metabolism that you had in high school.

will REPROGRAM your body to LOOK and FEEL like a teenager again


Exercise LESS!

WHAT? Rub your eyes and check again. Yes, it still says LESS. Reckon of your body like a ten-speed bike. Imagine you’re trying to peddle down a hill, but no matter how quick and hard you peddle you can’t go any quicker. It’s probably because you’re in the incorrect gear. Your metabolism works the same way. When you learn how to make your metabolism shift gears, shedding stout will seem SIMPLE. The trick is to strategically exercise to target posture stabilization and muscle oxygenation so that you continue to burn stout HOURS and even DAYS after your workout. That’s right, you’ll be burning stout even when you’re NOT DOING ANYTHING.


Escape the MYTHS of “LOW STOUT”

We’ve all been misled to believe that low stout and low calorie diets are the key to weight loss. This is simply FAKE. Our bodies need the RIGHT foods for sustained energy, less cravings, and a clear mind. The junk food industry has made us addicted to carbs and sugars, which has left our bodies sick and overweight. When you know how to eat right, you’ll never have to focus on “calories” or “low stout” again. On the other hand, If you eat the incorrect foods you’ll derail your stout loss goals and ruin your health. One SIMPLE TIP to remember: don’t shop in the middle of the grocery store. Those aisles tend to have the processed, packaged foods. Stick to the refrigerated outer aisles with the fresh, whole foods.



The role of the MIND in stout loss is HUGELY UNDERESTIMATED. To truly maximize stout loss you not only have to be strategic about how you use your BODY, you also have to be strategic about how you use your MIND. There are ways for your mind to communicate with your body to literally TARGET STOUT LOSS. If you don’t use your mind in this way, instead of stout loss you’ll just get fatigue and hormone destabilization. Furthermore, it’s essential to target specific muscles through focus and awareness or else your exercises will be 30% less effective. Reckon about it. By simply using your mind correctly, a 20-minute workout would be just as effective as a 30-minute workout.

by targeting your nervous system you can reprogram your
body for breathtaking stout loss. Using Neuro Metabolic Training,
you can unleash the untapped potential of your metabolism

And this can all be done in JUST 30 DAYS.

Fact 1

You can’t achieve lasting stout loss without REPROGRAMMING your metabolism.

Failing to maximize metabolic efficiency results in unwanted hormones that store stout. Hormonal balancing is the key to efficient stout loss.

Fact 2

Your POSTURE is essential to stout loss. Remember when your teacher told you to sit up?

She was right! Right posture aligns your joints and strengthens your muscles. With greater postural muscle strength, every exercise will give you more bang for your buck!

Fact 3

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